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I write for a living. 

And I also write for your living. 

Professional, Business and Academic Writing. 


Welcome to A Copy Above

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What I Offer

Professional writing and editing services to help your career, business and academic development. 



With a professional background in Management and contacts with a number of recruitment agencies, I can help you develop your professional career.

  • Resumes: For all roles and industries.

  • Cover Letters: Tailored to your strengths. 

  • LinkedIn Profile: To stand out from the crowd. 

  • Career Coaching: To unlock your potential. 

  • Interview Training: To land that dream job.


With extensive experience in website content, and a network of talented web designers and developers, I can help you build your website, from strategy to design and delivery. 

  • WebsitesSimple or complex, large or small.  

  • Content: Website copy that sells your business. 

  • Wireframes: User and developer friendly.

  • Narrative Strategies: To ensure design and text consistency. 

  • Blogs: Custom, researched and creative. 


With an academic background in research and teaching in the Humanities, and a publication portfolio, I can help you establish your academic credentials and networks. 

  • Magazine & Journal ArticlesMade ready for peer-review publication. 

  • Books & Manuscripts: Editing and restructuring. 

  • Thesis Documents: Confirmation, reviews and drafts.

  • Academic Consultation: Feedback and advice in Humanities.

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How I Can Help

I take the difficulty and stress out of writing, so you save time and money. 


Take the risk out of your writing by entrusting it to a professional. My writing gives you the confidence to show off your work to anybody, anytime.

Get ahead of the game.



Communicating your ideas is stressful on a good day. You have more important things to do than worry about which word best represents your you and your work.

That's my job. 

I tell your story so that you don’t have to. Quit playing around with commas and full stops, and reclaim time to actually do the things that are important to you.

The pain ends here. 

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A Little About Me

In A Nutshell


A playfully-serious introvert born in Lebanon and currently residing in Sydney, Australia.


I live one life indoors: reading, writing, and contemplating on abstract concepts over black tea and dark chocolate while petting cats until I fall asleep. I live another life outdoors: scaling the mountain highs and diving the ocean lows, always searching for a new adventure.


Something Quirky About Me

My surname comes from the word 'printing' - writing is in my blood!

What I Write

I’ve been helping friends and family with resumes for as long as I can remember, as well as developing my own resumes and cover letters as I moved through various blue and white-collar industries. 


I've also written ads for family businesses since I was a young kid, as well as dry reports for organisations, companies and government agencies. Much of my business writing has focused on websites, which I now specialize in, and I've developed a Narrative Strategy that helps agencies ensure consistency between design and copy elements.


Academically, I've written my own academic presentations and speeches over 10+ years, published media and journal articles as well as editing books, journal articles and theses for established and aspiring academics. 

In my own time, I often write commentary about a variety of topics, from metaphysics and politics, to trauma and healing, and have published my works locally and internationally. I have a degree in History and Legal Studies, completed my Honours in Legal Studies and am currently completing my PhD in Criminology and Law. My passion for study is largely driven by my desire to understand what makes humans behave in the ways that we do. I also enjoy writing shorter, quirkier blogs about all manner of topics, and am currently experimenting with some poetry writing.


What I Love

I've worked in many industries, most recently transport planning and operations, and before that in academia, retail and logistics, amongst others. But I always find myself returning to my childhood passion of writing. I love learning, I love teaching and I particularly love sharing my writing with the world. 


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I translate complex messages into language that's easy to read. 


If you need writing help but you're not sure what kind, get in touch and I'll help you design the best approach.

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My Mission

Believe it or not, my mission is not simply to write. That’s the easy part. My mission is to understand what’s brewing inside that head of yours. My mission is to unlock your creative secrets and present them for the world to enjoy. My mission is to build a bridge between your dreams and your audience.

My Mission Is To Create A Copy Above.


What My Clients Say

They love me, obviously. 

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I really loved working with Mohamad. He is an excelent writer with great ability to research, organize and develope the content even when he had no previous knowledge about the subject. I am thrilled with the content he wrote for my website. Mohamad was a pleasure to deal with and highly professional. I highly recommend him and can't wait to work with him again.

Natasa, Designs Made With Love

Some Business Clients

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

My Process



My entire process is tailored. 

If you don’t like filling out forms, you can call me instead and I’ll do the writing. If you’re not sure what you want, I can make recommendations. If you’d like some changes on the finished product, that’s included. 

My philosophy is simple: There's no substitute for human interaction.



My entire process is clear.

No complicated forms. No hidden admin costs. No sneaky fees. Just a clean, transparent process, good communication and quality writing. You know exactly what you’re getting, for how much and when.

My philosophy is simple: 

Honesty is always the best policy. 

My entire process is painless.

You won’t be put through a circuit just so I can save a few minutes. You won’t be forced to write a thesis just so I can get started. You’ll be guided every step of the way, with as much or as little input as you prefer.

My philosophy is simple: 

There's no need to complicate things.

Ready to grow your careeryour business or your academic pathway? 

My Blog

Where I discuss everything from writing and business, to gardening and cats! 

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